Using research evidence about learning to ensure improvement

There has been a lot of research carried out into what makes us learn effectively. This research tends to produce similar findings about how we learn best. However when we start teaching we discover all kinds of strategies that seem to work - but in the end may actually limit achievement. After a while these become part of our established repertoire and this leads to some of our work being less effective.

Our projects are designed to enable staff to identify these issues and to work together in teams to challenge and develop their approaches to learning.

'This is the best project we have ever been involved in. Our staff love it!'

Headteacher in West Midlands

This is a long term development project, not an overnight fix. Our work with schools has shown that working together we can achieve a remarkable improvement. This is evidenced by improved test and examination results as well as more enthusiastic learners. It can also mean re-motivated teachers who end up with greater professional engagement because they are excited by trying new ideas and feel supported in their experiments.

Typical projects include:

  • a training session for senior/middle leaders and a separate session for class/subject teachers

  • a supported plan for whole school development - this includes agreed monitoring and evaluation points. A typical period is 12 months. Ideally the project should be longer than this in order to allow sufficient time for teachers to develop their confidence in trying out new skills and ideas.

At the end of the session your school should be equipped to sustain the project.

If you would like us to run a long term development project that will enthuse, motivate and delight your teachers please contact us.