Pre and post-Ofsted review and support

Several schools have asked us to provide support that enables a school to focus more closely on how well they are doing against the current Ofsted framework. Schools often find that an outside view can give a sharp and helpful evaluation of performance.This has helped to drive school improvement effectively.

We are happy to discuss individual support for schools that supports schools in being Ofsted ready. We will deploy skilled and experienced advisers to support you in your self-evaluation processes and help you to be clear about where a judgment might lie, as well as giving guidance on how to get to the next level. We work with schools pre-Ofsted and post-Ofsted and will adjust our programme to suit the needs of individual leadership teams and schools.

We have also worked with groups of schools, academies and Local Authorities to develop a collaborative approach to school evaluation and review.

Our approach is to consider what suits the needs of each individual client – so if you would like to discuss this further please contact us.

'This has been incredibly useful for us. Thank you for your professional and rigorous approach'

(Head teacher from school in East of England)