ID-1005747rounded Improving leadership at all levels is key to creating outstanding provision - governors have a key role to play

Our team of experts will support you in carrying out a review of school governance either before or after an OfSTED inspection - helping you to improve quickly. We can support you effectively if there has been a recommendation from Ofsted that there should be a review of governance, or we can help your school to be sure that governance is providing strong leadership.

 Our approach is supportive but rigorous - enabling governors to quickly identify areas for improvement and practical strategies that will help you get the balance right between support and challenge.

We can help with performance management and pupil premium priorities - ensuring that school governors are on top of these areas and making effective use of their time.

We use a series of tried and tested tools for this process - including surveys, interviews and a review of documentation. In this way we can help you to ensure that governors are driving school improvement effectively.